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Who We Are

Our providers have expertise in diagnosing orthopedic, complex, and persistent pain conditions to find the most effective solution for you. Our goal is to reduce your pain, improve your function, and restore your quality of life.

Nothing will change unless or until those who control resources have the wisdom to venture off the beaten path of exclusive reliance on biomedicine as the only approach to health care.

George L. Engel The Need For A New Medical Model

Savas Health’s team has decades of clinical experience, education, research, and teaching affiliations with world renowned academic institutions that include; Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Baylor, Seaton Hall, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco.

What We Have

  • The expert knowledge of all biopsychosocial diagnostic and treatment methodologies
  • The capacity to compassionately and collaboratively develop realistic healthcare goals
  • The ability to perfectly communicate, motivate, and nurture
  • The power to conjure up an optimal social support network
  • The time and resources to provide services precisely scheduled to achieve the desired outcome
  • The access to all diagnostically relevant data organized to show the effectiveness of each service provided

What We Do

We are the only real-time trans-disciplinary support team in healthcare that truly delivers integrated medicine for the whole person, especially those with the most complex conditions, so that transformation happens.
We are all about the continual pursuit of the best achievable outcome through the designed curation of the right tools, approaches, and training. We offer a personalized path to health in order to change the responsible party.

Our care teams work together not just under the same roof, but in the same room in order to blend disciplines, perspectives, and learning to create and shape personalized plans and solutions for the whole person.

Even our most integrated competitors create barriers and boundaries in the way people receive care. They may offer a slightly less fragmented approach through the use of an EHR that creates some level of coordination between providers; however, those providers while in theory work in unison, in practice they remain separate. We collaborate in real-time across disciplines to create a truly integrated and comprehensive path forward.

We treat the entire person. We are not just human bodies, we are human beings. In order to help someone achieve the best outcome, we must create a path to health that addresses the bio-psycho-social reality of each person.

Our approach will eventually benefit everyone. This is the way healthcare should be—we are confident of that. However, we face an industry that doesn’t operate on the philosophy we adhere to—so our best chance at success is to focus. Everyone agrees that complex-care patients are the most expensive and difficult to treat. We know that our approach and methodologies achieve not just positive outcomes, but transformational ones. We also know that we achieve these at a higher percentage than the rest of our industry and with lower cost. We will prove our model and influence our industry by focusing on those with the most complicated needs.

We are constantly learning and growing. We are not satisfied with a stationary view on how to do “it”. Our philosophy of care empowers us to constantly seek better ways to achieve the best possible outcomes for each person. We’re never done.

We are not defending a patent or pushing a copyright—we are free to pull together and curate what works. We design a custom and highly personalized path for each person in our care.

We work with people to understand their role in transforming their health. We create a personalized path for them and provide the direction, encouragement and tools they need to become a part of their own health care solution.

This is our brand promise. It speaks to the personal benefit that we offer consumers as well as to potential employees and even to the industry itself. It declares with conviction that we believe in what we do and we know that it works. It subtly and effectively acknowledges the truth that people categorically dislike healthcare. Our promise aligns and agrees with this sentiment while creating a clear line in the sand—at Savas, things are different.

Integration With Insurance Companies

Our patented software interfaces with insurance systems to gain access to medication history, hospitalizations, laboratory test results, PCP information, and care utilization data.

Continuity of Care

Our goal is to establish continuity of care with our patients. Therefore, we work with insurance companies to provide reimbursement over an entire treatment cycle.

Case Study

As reported in Health Affairs in 2018, our program reduced inpatient costs by $225 per member per month (PMPM), and total cost of care ("all services") by $150 PMPM.

Insurance Information

Savas Health Accepts Most Major Insurances Including Medicare and Workman's Compensation.

Our team of office managers will work with you to explain the benefits provided to you by your insurance, which many times involves out of network benefits. We will work with you to make sure that if you are “out of network” we set up a plan that makes it affordable for you to come see us. While our complete list of accepted insurances changes frequently, you can call our office (800) 285-3755 or your insurer to verify contracting status.

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna
  • Alpha Care IPA
  • Alliance Desert Physicians MG
  • American Specialty Health
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Brand New Day
  • Champva
  • Cigna
  • First Health
  • GEHA
  • Horizon
  • Inland Empire Health Plan
  • IE Foundation for Medical Care
  • Imperial Health Holdings MG
  • Inland Valley
  • LaSalle IPA
  • Medicare
  • Premier
  • Tricare
  • Vantage
  • Workman's Comp

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