Pain Management Services

Our providers have expertise in diagnosing orthopedic, complex, and persistent pain conditions to find the most effective solution for you. Our goal is to reduce your pain, improve your function, and restore your quality of life. The Savas team has decades of clinical experience, education, research, and teaching affiliations with world renowned academic institutions that include; Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Baylor, Seaton Hall, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco.


Personalized Treatments

We know living with pain makes life difficult. That is why you can expect a friendly and caring staff who will develop a personalized treatment plan that is compassionate and comprehensive.


Health Education

Our doctors will explain each step in the decision making process so you know exactly what to expect. We want to help you "find and follow your path to health."


Cutting Edge Methodologies

Our treatment plans are on the cutting-edge of pain management, and have all shown to be extremely successful in relieving your chronic pain and helping to restore your quality of life.


Quick Procedures

Every procedure at DCPI is an out-patient procedure; meaning, you’ll be able to go home that day! Many of the treatments we perform show instant results, and are able to help our patients reclaim their lives.


Our real-time transdisciplinary team is dedicated to helping you find and follow your path to better health. Schedule your appointment today!