Savas Systems has developed a software system named SAVAS to enable effective and efficient execution of the unitized transdisciplinary care model for the programmatic treatment of patient populations with complex pain.

This system is used to coordinate all aspects of the program from policy management to outcome analysis. It provides a transdisciplinary wrapper around the classic encounter-focused electronic medical record system. It focuses care on the whole patient while enabling scalability, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Care Planning

A comprehensive care plan is developed for each patient during induction and maintained in the system.
Providers and support personnel have continuous access to the care plan which is used to guide the services rendered during group and individual encounters.
The care plan is reviewed by the provider team at every unit and periodically updated.

Patient Summary

A peer reviewed Health Narrative that is contributed to by the entire Transdisciplinary Team.

Wellness Snapshot

Assessment of health and assignment of ratings for body, mind, motivation, responsiveness, social vulnerability, substance risk, and interactivity.


SMART goals developed collaboratively with the patient and providers.


The system provides a unit scheduling interface that is used to schedule patients into base units, reschedule a patient, and track unit attendance.


Care coordinators, providers, and support personnel use a unit planning tool to review unit patients, establish a unit service schedule, and initiate care coordination actions. A unit board provides a collaborative, real-time interface. The unit coordinator uses the tool to generate a schedule for use during the unit.


Savas provides a real-time interface to record services as they are rendered in units by providers.

Outcome Measures

The system includes a robust Outcome Measurement Capability which includes integrated electronic questionnaires.
Patient outcome measures are normalized and presented graphically in the patient master record and during unit planning.


Savas can generate encounter records in an electronic medical record system based on services performed during a unit. Utilizing the latest Interoperability Standards, the system provides easy access to information maintained in other electronic medical record systems

  • Demographic Information

  • Authorizations

  • Encounter Records

  • Prescriptions

  • Orders

  • Diagnoses


The system supports automated queuing and worklist assignment. Queuing is extensible and can be expanded based on program needs.
Standard queues include:

  • Care Coordination Needed
  • Outcome Measurement Needed
  • Authorization Required
  • Internal Referral
  • Billing Reconciliation

Workers see queue counts by classifications including danger, warning, info, and success.


Effective and efficient unit-based transdisciplinary care requires precise scheduling of providers and support personnel. Savas software includes workforce management tools to facilitate time-off scheduling and track attendance and schedule compliance.

Extensible Framework

Savas is constructed using an extensible software development framework that enables rapid design, development, and deployment of functionality to support evolving requirements.